Paullo, Milan, Italy

Site Address
Via Curiel, 34
20067 Paullo (MI), Italy

Office Address
Via Milano, 72/C
20067 Paullo (MI), Italy

Site Contact
Tel: +39 02 906260246
Fax: +39 02 3310 5730

Office Contact
Tel: +39 02 345988300

More about this facility


From our Paullo Milano site, we develop and manufacture proprietary products (generic APIs) and provide contract manufacturing services for intermediates and custom APIs at commercial scale. Our product portfolio currently includes more than 70 generic APIs, as well as intermediates and derivatives – all manufactured to cGMP standards. The site is comprised of seven pharmaceutical production departments, including drying, finishing, and purification capabilities. The facility also features a comprehensive pilot plant and custom development and analytical laboratories.

Facility Details

  • 7 commercial-scale cGMP production departments
  • 1 cGMP pilot plant
  • 1 cGMP kilo laboratory
  • R&D laboratory
  • Drying department
  • Finishing department
  • Purification department
  • Strong regulatory history