Snapdragon Chemistry’s New Collaboration with Pfizer


Waltham, MA – August 1, 2020 – Snapdragon Chemistry collaborates with Pfizer on a continuous process for preparing the difluoromethylating reagent [(DMPU)2Zn(CF2H)2] and improved synthesis of the ICHF2 Precursor.

In this article, we describe how Complex [(DMPU)2Zn(CF2H)2] 1 is a crystalline organometallic reagent with utility in various catalytic difluoromethylation reactions under mild conditions. Unfortunately, this reagent is not commercially available and the procedure for the preparation of this air- and moisture-sensitive zinc complex has only been reported on a small scale. Herein, we report the development of a continuous process for the preparation of reagent 1 on >100 g scale by using a continuous stirred-tank reactor. The key to success is the design of a continuous reactive crystallization process in which the precipitation of the zinc complex 1 is driven by its low solubility in the reaction solvent. The improved synthesis of the iododifluoromethane precursor 2 from readily available bromodifluoroacetic acid further enables the synthesis of complex 1 on a larger scale.

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